Another XP Extension

So today I read an article, stating that Microsoft is extending the date that allows the manufactures to install Windows XP on new Machines. The new date is April 30, 2010. “Microsoft only allows Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Tablet to be bundled with new PCs as restore media, which the company refers to as an “XP downgrade.” (taken from

It is interesting that Microsoft has tried to kill XP many times before and attempted to force users to go to Vista and to embrace the new Windows 7. Every time that the date gets closer to kill XP, they extend it. I think that XP is perfect and I know many people who will continue to use it for as long as they can. But a time will come when XP won’t be supported by most. So we will have to see what happens in the next year. Does anyone think that they will continue to extend the date?

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