BDP-S350 reposted and a new Wii on the way??

Sony has reposted the BDP-S350 firmware update.

taken from (below):


While consumers scramble in search of the elusive Wii, is Nintendo already providing glimpses into the console’s successor?

According to a blog post at What They Play, Nintendo is showing early presentations of its future console poised to arrive in 2011.  Citing industry sources, What They Play reports the device, dubbed “Wii HD”, will include high-definition graphics and an emphasis on digitally-distributed content.

Nintendo won’t remark on the claims, telling the site they don’t “comment on speculation or rumor.”

This follows a report over the weekend from a Japanese site claiming Nintendo will introduce a new version of DS before year’s end.  The revamped handheld would reportedly include a built-in camera, music player, and improved wireless functionality.

The answers to these rumors could arrive tomorrow, when Nintendo holds its fall media summit in San Francisco.  In the meantime, readers, what features would you like to see in a redesigned Wii or DS?


A new Wii?? That would be cool but Nintendo should do something about current Wii owners that don’t have HD. What do you guys think?


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