Is the future blu or is it just disc based?

“The Future is Blu or I should say Disc based”

For those of you that believe that Downloads are the next generation…as that may be true it’s going to be a while before that so happens.

1.) HD takes up a lot of space

2.) Download will take a while for a full HD movie

3.) Hard Drives

4.) DVD and Blu-ray similarities

Remember that DVDs started at a high price and it wasn’t until the players dropped below $150 before people started to buy DVD. Now having said that, DVD and Blu-ray can exist harmoniously, HD owners get Blu and non-HD use DVD.  So it took a few years for DVD players to drop down in price before people bought them and some people thought that DVD would die because VHS was good enough. Now for some Upconversion DVD players will work fine, but for those who want to see true HD will buy a Blu-Ray player. It will be another 2 years before adoption becomes more wide. For HD downloads, a full HD movie would be around 25GB and on a DSL connection will take hours, so until connection speeds increase and people have bigger Hard Drives, this won’t happen and with existing DVRs most people won’t be able to keep movies on their DVRs for very long because if they get movies in HD then they will record shows in HD and that will take up an enormeous amount of space. I for one like having a disc because as a movie lover I like having films on a disc that I can take with me anywhere and if I go to a friend’s house I won’t be able to burn it on a DVD I would have to use a BD-R. So in short we are another 5-10 years away from HD downloads if it all because I like to have the disc that I can take anywhere or anywhere in my house and watch. So the two formats can exist and HD downloads are years off if they ever do come.  So you decide on the future.


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