Apple adding Blu-ray support in OS X?

Rumor has it that Mac OS X 10.5.6 will add Blu-ray support.

So Apple is finally adding official Blu-ray support to Mac OS X. Now Blu-ray drives have software and drivers for OS X and Windows to work with Blu-ray. Apple is the first to add support for Blu-ray, which may mean that Apple on their next refresh of computers will add BD drives in their machines, laptops included which would be a huge step, although Apple was the first to make CD Burners standard back in 1999, and DVD-Rom drives back in 2002. Apple may make Blu-ray a standard on their computers which I wouldn’t be too surprised about. Apple always makes moves like this and PC’s usually don’t follow for a few more years. So with Mac OS X 10.5.6 update supposedly containing Official Blu-ray support we may just see those Blu-ray drives in the upcoming refresh from Apple. So keep your eyes peeled on Apple for the next few months.


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