Ok so let’s talk about Microsoft’s new ad, which almost everybody has seen. If not go to, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIjNJZpRtj8


Watch it then come back here for my review.



Microsoft as a company needs to just stop putting out commercials and ad campaigns due to the fact that there has never been one ad or campaign that is memorable. The Apple (Mac vs. PC) ads are memorable because they are definitely funny and don’t insult the consumers like the new Microsoft ad did.  They did it with the family that was eating chuplas…go watch that scene again and see what you can come up with. The family is sitting and looking through the window.  Other than the 3 metaphors, this ad is just bad, it’s a mess, it doesn’t really make all that much sense. Back in June, Fast Company printed an article about how Microsoft paid Alex Borgusky and his company $100 million to make Microsoft seem cooler than it was, it was there to make Apple users like Borgusky want to switch to Windows. Borgusky built his company using Macs and now he has to promote Windows and switch over.

Obviously a lot come from that investment, and then Microsoft spent $300 million on this new ad campaign with Gates and Seinfeld (paying Seinfeld $10 million).  While using Seinfeld was a mistake because his last big thing was the 2007 hit Bee Movie other than that he is still funny but isn’t the right choice for Microsoft and their ads. Now realize that this new ad didn’t try to sell you Vista, but sell you Microsoft as a company. The problem is with Microsoft is that they already get a huge amount of ad time because of companies like Dell who with their computers say on the site “Dell recommends Windows Vista Business” or HP when they show off their new notebook line. Windows already gets a lot of ad time, Vista gets it but it doesn’t help Vista’s already destroyed rep.  I think for Microsoft they should really really cut down on how much they spend on ads, because for Windows, that is covered by those who sell PC notebooks and Desktops and the XBOX 360 already gets enough ad time because of those companies like Activision who already have commercials out for their games. So Microsoft could really stop advertising Windows and XBOX 360 because they don’t need to and no one will notice that Microsoft has stopped advertising itself and its products. The Seinfeld-Gates ad is a complete mess and Microsoft really needs to reevaluate its ad campaign strategy.



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