My first post..

My name is Brendan and this blog will talk about all things Technology, Entertainment and anything else I choose.
Tech: Google’s Chrome.
Now most of you use Google or used Google before. Google has grown into a giant empire that is taking Microsoft head-on (but that is another discussion). Google has everything, Mail, Calendar, Maps, News, Talk (IM service) Docs (kind of like Microsoft Office except online) and now a browser called Chrome. Google as of right now hopes to take Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which has reigned supreme for many many years. Will Google top Internet Explorer? That’s a good question because who knows, I would love for IE to be knocked down.
So the installer is less than 1 mb which is amazing.
Just go to to download.
So the install process was easy (as it should be because it’s google).
On first launch, it imported all my bookmarks from Firefox, which I do absolutely love about it, but this feature is nothing new Firefox will import your IE or Opera bookmarks if you want it to. Start up time for Chrome is a lot faster than FF or IE, or even Opera has. The one cool thing about Chrome is upon start up, it doesn’t start with a home page, it gives you a table of the pages you visit frequently, which is great but Opera has this idea already. I’m on a DSL connection and I ran IE 7, Firefox 3, and Chrome, I went to the same page and did speed tests. I found Chrome to be around the same speed as IE or Firefox, it was a little faster. Now I couldn’t go to all the sites since Chrome is new and all sites pretty much only support Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari…for now. Chrome’s GUI is something that I do like…no File menu here. It is a new way to do things and for Google they have a history of doing things differently than the others do.  Tab browsing is here as well, when you open a new tab it would be like having a notebook tab, I love it.
Chrome did certain things well, like Mail (yes I use gmail, so of course Chrome would do better in Gmail) and for every day surfing it does great. I usually go to sites like Engadget, Netflix, Mail, Facebook…etc. It did everything well and fast except I got Chrome to crash. *gasp*. It crashed while I had netflix open and I was shifting applications, that’s it. Otherwise everything works great.  Now it is beta just like everything else in Google, and if you either love Google or want to try something new, Chrome is for you. Go download it. Chrome is Windows only right now, but Mac and Linux versions are on their way. For Windows you either have to have Vista or XP SP2 (or 3) to run.  Go try it, I like it, while I will still use Firefox, I will also use Chrome for Google stuff and for anything I feel like.
Check out this story:
Now, for those of you that know me know that I am in no way a Vista supporter. I am using XP as I speak to do this blog. So when I go shopping I don’t to be stopped by a “guru” to tell me why Vista is best and why I should be using it and then I will either walk away (and be an ass) or just counter them with my Windows knowledge, and see how easy it is to shut down these so called Windows “Gurus”.
Friday’s Stargate Atlantis one word: Amazing.
One sentence summary: Stargate meets Resident Evil.
Tomorrow’s blog: Apple unveils their new line of iPods, and iTunes 8 will be out along with Mac OS X 10.5.5 update (hopefully). Supposedly Microsoft is supposed to have a new Zune line coming out.

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